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Personal Financial Services is not your typical accounting firm, and we like it that way. We’ve  replaced judgment with empathy, old perspectives with creative problem solving, and cookie cutter advice with strategies created especially for you. This is not your daddy’s accounting  firm.

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A New Kind of Accounting Firm

Introducing a new kind of accounting firm, 20 years in the making.

We hire single moms to staff our woman-owned business.

We’re not too cool for school, and complete continuing education every year.

We strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance that prioritizes family more than working excessive hours.

We make it easy for you to turn in your documents via a new, accessible online portal (with phone app!) and after-hours drop box.

When others raise their eyebrows at client spending habits, we keep our eyebrows to ourselves.

And, when lots of companies claim to be a family, we actually practice what we preach. 

This is Personal Financial Services.

Serving Bloomington, IN and beyond.

Our Clients

Personal Financial Services does things differently, and our clients do, too. They value family and the time it takes to do a job right the first time, love to shop small, and eagerly lift up women-run businesses. They know that hiring a small business to do their taxes will cost more and take longer than TurboTax, and they’re cool with that because they want to change the toxic work cultures of yesteryear. Sound like you? Let’s connect.

Our Team

We concider each other our work family. We break bread together, give each other rides, and pitch in when someone needs help — especially when that someone is a client.

Elizabeth Ruh (she/her)

Elizabeth Ruh (she/her)

Enrolled Agent and President

Elizabeth is a Bloomington native, dedicated community volunteer, and the founder of Personal Financial Services. She has more than 20 years of experience as an accountant and is an IRS Enrolled Agent — a federal designation she requires every preparer on the Tax Services team to meet as well. Elizabeth loves running her business by example: as a single mom, she encourages a healthy work-life balance among the staff; as a business owner, she makes her own company flexible with and accessible to others; and as a community steward, she’s committed to making her business inclusive of those with unique needs. With a strong team behind her, Elizabeth and Personal Financial Services are on a mission to make it possible for both her clients and her staff to improve their financial quality of life and reach their goals.

Justin Adams (he/him)

Justin Adams (he/him)

Tax Coordinator/Executive Assistant

You might recognize this Bloomington native from when he worked at his grandparents’ Vance music store downtown. At PFS, Justin handles client relations, file organization, and tracking down documents to get your taxes ready to prepare. As our only full-time male staff member, Justin has the emotional intelligence necessary to hold his own in the office.

Kristin Bell (she/her)

Kristin Bell (she/her)

Office Manager

Walk into our Bloomington office or call our phone line, and you already know Kristin. She joined the team in 2017 with experience in both accounting and serving the elderly and disabled communities. It’s hard to feel stressed around Kristin — she brings a thoughtful touch and lively energy to our front office.

Adrienne Kozacek (she/her)

Adrienne Kozacek (she/her)

Bookkeeping Assistant

Adrienne may have only worked with us since 2019, but she brings more than 20 years of business finance experience to the office. Whether it’s creating multi-million dollar budgets, maintaining business records, or pulling together a client’s data to get a picture of their life through numbers, we love Adrienne because of her industriousness and creativity.
Beth Williams (she/her)

Beth Williams (she/her)

File Clerk

Beth may be a high school student, but we know she’d bring an upbeat, positive energy to the office at any age. As our file clerk, Beth performs an essential role at Personal Financial Services organizing paperwork, processing client documents, and helping out around the office wherever she can.
Magen Bow (she/her)

Magen Bow (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

You’re probably already familiar with Magen’s calming voice if you’ve called our office recently. This girl brings the experience when it comes to customer service — she’s even worked within Medicaid, so she especially understands our clients who are navigating the program. When she’s not taking care of clients and office to-do’s, chances are Magen’s spending time outside with her kids.
Lisa Osmon (she/her)

Lisa Osmon (she/her)

Guardianship Client Care Assistant

We’re not sure what makes Lisa better suited to our Fiduciary Services: her job experience with the Family and Social Services Administration, the disabled community, and as a certified nurse aide; or her outgoing, compassionate personality. You’ll never meet someone happier to maintain health insurance, schedule medical appointments, or hold a service provider’s feet to the fire than Lisa.
Sydney Thompson (she/her)

Sydney Thompson (she/her)

Tax Administration Assistant

The complex details and pressing deadlines of tax work have met their match in Sydney and her  easy-going, friendly personality. Whether she’s assembling or updating a tax file, or  communicating with tax clients, Sydney’s always cool as a cucumber and sweet as sugar. She’s  committed to lifelong education and loves learning something new each tax season.

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