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As of September 28, 2023, our office will be located at 1612 S Liberty Drive, Suite B, Bloomington, IN. Our mailing address and phone number will remain the same.

Compassionate Fiduciary Services

It takes strength to become a loved one’s caregiver, and even more strength to ask for help when the responsibilities are too much to handle on your own. Let Personal Financial Services assist — our experienced team of warmhearted financial professionals is ready to help you navigate this stressful time so you can focus on caring for your family. 

“I worked with Elizabeth on a complex family guardian case. I don’t know another financial expert who cares this much — Elizabeth has been on the phone with me all night as I called her from the emergency room. I’ve seen her really put the time in.”

— Michelle Izzo White

Fiduciary Services for Seniors & the Disabled

Fiduciary Services

Sometimes the best way to care for an elder or disabled loved one is by getting professional help. Our compassionate, experienced team is ready to lend a hand in any of the following fiduciary roles: 

  • Guardian
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Representative
  • Trustee
  • Estate Personal Representative
Senior Bill Paying

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the paperwork of caring for your disabled or elder loved one, let us help you. We’ll receive their mail, pay their bills, and provide you regular reports so you can focus on the day-to-day caretaking responsibilities.

“Elizabeth is a consummate professional and fountain of knowledge for the elderly, disabled and underprivileged. She always advocates for the best interests of her clients. She works tirelessly for them. I could think of no one better to be on my ‘team’.”

— Jessica Merkel

About Personal Financial Services

We’ve been revolutionizing Southern Indiana’s accounting industry for 20 years, and we’re not slowing down. Our women-run business is built on compassion and flexibility — two things you cannot be a successful fiduciary without. We’re moms, daughters, and neighbors, just like you, and we treat our clients how we’d want our families to be treated.   

Is This What You’re Wondering?

What’s a fiduciary, again?

A fiduciary is a person or entity (like Personal Financial Services) that’s responsible for another person who cannot be responsible for themselves, such as a senior citizen or disabled person. There are many types of fiduciary classifications, including a guardian, power of attorney, healthcare representative (also known as a healthcare POA), trustee, and estate personal representative. Depending on your unique case, you may need someone to take on one or several of these fiduciary roles, which is why we’re here to help.

What’s the difference between all the different fiduciary roles?

Personal Financial Services can serve as the following fiduciary positions: guardian, power of attorney, healthcare representative, trustee, and estate personal representative. Please remember that we are not attorneys and cannot draft any legal fiduciary documents for you. 

  • A guardian is a court-appointed entity that is responsible for an incapacitated adult. 
  • A power of attorney (POA) document names an entity to act on a person’s behalf in certain matters; that entity is called the attorney-in-fact.
  • A healthcare representative is an entity that a person names in their healthcare directive, and that can make medical decisions on their behalf when they cannot communicate with a doctor themselves. 
  • A trustee is an entity that is responsible for administering a trust. 
  • An estate personal representative is a court-appointed entity that is responsible for administering the estate of a deceased person.  

Looking for more information on the fiduciary roles? Watch our founder, Elizabeth Ruh, explain them more in the WTIU Conference on Aging HERE

I need a fiduciary for my loved one. Can you help?

We wish we could help everyone in Monroe County, but Bloomington is a large city and there is a high demand for these services. For this reason, the fiduciary side of Personal Financial Services often has a waitlist. Please reach out to see if we’re currently accepting new fiduciary cases. 

How much do fiduciary services cost?

The cost of fiduciary services vary depending on the role we serve for your loved one and how long we’re serving in that capacity. Fiduciary services are all private pay. Our current rate is $125 per hour. To get the best price quote for your unique situation, please reach out to us.

Get Our Expert Help

We’d love to help out in your hour of need. Once you get a referral to our office, please reach out and let us help. 

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