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Acounting Done Differently

Personal Financial Services is not your typical accounting firm, and we like it that way. We’ve replaced judgment with empathy, old perspectives with creative problem solving, and cookie cutter advice with strategies created especially for you. This is not your daddy’s accounting firm.

Tax Services with Strategy

You work hard for your money, and you deserve to keep it. Our tax expertise will save you time, money, and headaches.

Fiduciary Services with Heart

Caring for a loved one is hard enough without adding money management to the mix. Let our compassionate team make your life easier.

Experts with Integrity

Creative. Flexible. Accessible.
We do things differently around here, and we like it that way.

Our team of experienced tax pros have been saving our clients time and maximizing their tax savings for over 20 years.

How We Serve Our Community

We strive to create the best options that work for you and your needs while working within the processes we have developed to serve you best. We understand that each person is unique and look forward to working with you and supporting your journey.

Tax Preparation

Rest easy knowing that your tax returns were prepared and filed correctly to maximize your savings. Our tax office is a judgement-free zone perfect for those seeking:

  • Individual tax returns
  • Trust and estate tax returns
  • Partnership tax returns
  • S-Corp tax returns
  • Payroll tax returns

Tax Planning

Whether you’re paying off debt, planning for retirement, or running a small business, our tax planning service can help you get there. Together, we’ll strategize to make sure your money is working smarter so you can reach your goals sooner.


Your employees take care of you, and now it’s your turn to take care of them. Using our payroll service, you’ll know that everyone — including you! — is getting paid on time while meeting compliance requirements.

Fiduciary Services

Sometimes the best way to care for an elder or disabled loved one is by getting professional help. Our compassionate, experienced team is ready to lend a hand in any of the following fiduciary roles:

  • Guardian
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Representative
  • Trustee
  • Estate Personal Representative

What Our Clients Have to Say

“The breadth of Elizabeth’s knowledge skills and compassion is impressive. I’ve always known she has a good heart based on all of the clients and very difficult situations that she has helped. I got to see her in action with a mutual client last week and I was amazed. She clearly and concisely had all of the financials organized and helped set a clear path for my client while including him in the process and being respectful of all parties involved. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Heather Kinderthain

Personal Financial Services always makes sure to go over my taxes with me and help me plan for my future. I appreciate all that they do. I also appreciate that this business assists others who need help managing their finances and life that may not have capacity to do so on their own. Thank you for stepping up to help others when not many people are able to do that today.

Amanda Oporta

PFS works with our family to manage billing and expenses for an adult daughter as part of a trust. They have consistently acted helpfully and professionally even when faced with challenging personal interactions. We appreciate their work.

James Pringle

Our Team

When lots of companies claim to be a family, we actually practice what we preach. We break bread together, give each other rides, and pitch in when someone needs help – especially when that someone is a client.

Elizabeth Ruh (she/her)

Elizabeth Ruh (she/her)

Enrolled Agent and President

Justin Adams (he/him)

Justin Adams (he/him)

Tax Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Kristin Bell (she/her)

Kristin Bell (she/her)

Office Manager

Strategic Tax Services

When it comes to running a business or building a career, you’re a pro. But taxes? They aren’t your strong suit. Personal Financial Services is here to help. Our team of experienced tax pros
have been saving our clients time and maximizing their tax savings for 20 years. Whether you want to plan for the next tax season or need to catch up on filing for years past, we’re ready to dive into the paperwork and help you get organized.

Accounting Services for

Individuals & Small Businesses

Get expert, judgment-free financial assistance all year long for a consistent monthly fee. Rest easy knowing that your tax returns were prepared and filed correctly to maximize your savings.

Please contact us for a tax-package quote.

Compassionate Fiduciary Services

It takes strength to become a loved one’s caregiver, and even more strength to ask for help when the responsibilities are too much to handle on your own. Let Personal Financial Services assist — our experienced team of warmhearted financial professionals is ready to help you navigate this stressful time so you can focus on caring for your family.

For Our Clients

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